Decorating the Nursery for Fall

Now that you have a babe, you also have one more room you get to decorate for the fall season!  Changing linens is a simple way I like to introduce the autumn color palette to the nursery.  Get crib sheets and changing pad covers in shades of yellow, brown, orange, and rust.

Can you ever have too many throw blankets?? Definitely not.  I always keep one draped over the back of the rocker.  It's so functional, and a great accent color for a mostly neutral-toned room.
A Moroccan leather pouf is THE must-have nursery item right now, especially for mamas who love the modern boho look trending in nursery decor. It's beautiful, comfortable, and the hue of the leather makes it blend seamlessly with fall colors.
Last, let your babe's fall wardrobe serve as decoration!  Their clothes are so cute, why hide them in the closet? You can display select pieces that coordinate with the autumn colors in the nursery. 
Happy decorating, mamas!