Must Have Items For Your Modern Nursery Look


Written by Good Mama Member Makayla Edmonds with Young Mommyhood


Has anyone else watched Dream Home Makeover on Netflix yet? Because I’m obsessed! 

I actually just finished season two and am super bummed that it’s over. However, binge watching it for the last three days gave me some really great inspiration for this post!

When I was shopping for my son’s nursery two years ago (sob), the only theme I liked was a nautical theme. And of course it’s already been changed to dinosaurs. But I wasn’t aware that it didn’t necessarily need to have a theme. 

While still waiting to find out the sex of baby #2, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what I want the kids room to look like. If I have a boy, my fiancé insists that we make their room Star Wars theme. But if we have a girl, I get to decide! 

And after watching Dream Home Makeover, I am really contemplating a modern nursery rather than a themed one. 

The difference between having a theme and sticking to one particular look, is you can’t just buy a “room in a bag”. When shopping for a particular look, you have to put pieces of furniture together and design the room to your liking. With a themed room you can likely buy matching bed sets, curtains, lamps, etc. 

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Modern Nursery Goal


Modern Nursery

Cute right?! Very simple and chic. 

After doing some research- okay, some heavy scrolling through Pinterest…I’ve put together everything I learned about modern nurseries and what staple items they need to have. 

Before I dive in, I also have a little surprise for you! 
As most of you know, I work with some amazing women over at Good Mama & Company and for the rest of the month, if you purchase an item and use the promo code: youngmommyhood at checkout, not only will you receive free shipping but Good Mama will also throw in a free gift just for you! 

I’ll be linking all of their products as we go, so keep an eye out for anything that speaks to you! 

Things You Need For A Modern Nursery:


If you decide to use a fun wallpaper for an accent wall, it would be best to stick to a solid colored rug. 

Below are some beautiful, hand crafted rugs from Good Mama & Company! 



One of my favorite pieces from Good Mama & Company is this handcrafted moroccan leather pouf!

leather pouf

When your little one gets older and no longer wakes through the night, the leather pouf can be accented in other areas of your home!

Simple Wall Art

No cartoon characters!! Your wall art needs to match the overall aesthetic of the room.

Mirrors, wall hangings and canvas’s are your best bet!

I can’t get over this cute canvas! Don’t forget to use promo code: youngmommyhood at checkout!

Bold Light Fixture

I know changing the light fixture in your nursery probably isn’t a huge priority, but it really will bring the whole look together!

You can’t create your dream nursery with all of these modern, hand crafted products and not change out your ceiling fan for a bold light fixture.

Good Mama also has an elegant round wicker pendant light and a delicate dome rattan pendant lamp.


Woven Laundry Basket

Hear me out! Let’s imagine you have your white, sleek crib, matching dresser, white milky grasscloth wallpaper, handwoven jute rug, grey glider with moroccan leather pouf, cotton macramé wall decor, rainbow mobile, wicker pendant light and then a plastic laundry basket from Walmart.

It doesn’t go! I mean c’mon, you can’t argue with that!

Go ahead and finish the look and get those handwoven laundry baskets! And you guessed it! Good Mama has some tapered water hyacinth baskets that are just what you need for your modern nursery!


Woo! I’ve never been more in the mood to shop! I hope this answered all questions you might have had about what does and doesn’t go in a modern nursery. I know I learned a lot!

I’m no designer by any means, but I think I hit the nail on the head with this post!

And what I truly enjoyed the most about writing this post was being able to support a women owned business ran by other moms who set forth and followed their dreams!

Some of these products are also made by other women owned businesses and I just love the creativity and passion these vendors pour into their work!

So if you want to support not one, not two, but SEVERAL women on our journey, then now is the PERFECT time to do so! Just remember to use the promo code: youngmommyhood at checkout when completing your order.