5 things every mama needs after giving birth

We've been there, having given birth and trying to adjust to our new life with a little one. On top of not sleeping and making sure this little human stays alive, we have to care for ourselves. This isn't an easy task. So we've put together a list of 5 things every mama needs after giving birth. This is make your life a whole lot easier! 
If you're shopping for a new mama, get her everything on this list and you will be her best-friend for life! We promise! 
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Give birth vaginally? Do your Va-Jay-Jay a favor... spray this down there to take away the pain and leave it feeling and smelling fresh! Get it girl.
This is taking the first recommendation to the next level...  use as a sitz bath or to make postpartum padsicles!! This helps speed up the healing process so you can focus on more sweet things... like your new little blessing.
Wanting to breastfeed? Need a little help keeping up your production... this is what you need. This milk maid tea is organic and naturally supports your milk production. Yay for boobie milk! 
If you're breastfeeding, you'll need this. Protect your nipples from splitting and bleeding, plus it's safe to go in your babies mouth. Lather up! (plus we use it as face cream too, it's AMAZING!)
Didn't have a vaginal birth experience? Did you have a c-section and now you have the scar to prove it? Here is a balm we recommend for you mama. This even helps with stretch marks! Yay! One step closer to pre-baby body!