Membership FAQ

What do I get with my membership?

With your Good Mama Membership you will receive:

  • Your own income-earning promo code to give out to your family, friends, and those you have influence with. When your promo code is used, you will receive 20-40% of the profits, depending on your Level Number.

  • Your own promo code for exclusive discounts on products in our shop, at

  • Member-only access to our Good Mama Membership Community where you can learn more about promoting products and growing your income.

  • Founding members will keep their membership price as long as their membership is active, even if member prices increase. Founding members are those who register September 2020 with our first launch.

Our membership is currently $9.99 monthly or $107 annually (that's a 10% discount if you pay for the whole year at once).  There are NO other fees, ever.

What are the tier number levels and what do I earn at each level?

Click here to check out our tier levels. 

Nope! You can simply use our photos to promote the products you like best.

But if you WANT to purchase something, you can. Plus, you get exclusive discounts never offered to the public.

Can I cancel my membership anytime?

Yes, you can! However, if you want to re-apply for membership at a later time, you may not receive the same price as your current membership price.

That's okay! Listen, you have influence with different people than someone even in your circle of influence. Some may only want to purchase because of you and your influence in their life. Don't get discouraged if someone in your circle of friends is also promoting Good Mama & Company goods. This is actually a good thing because your circle of friends are seeing the brand being promoted and trusted from more than one person.

What if I refer a friend?

That's so sweet of you!

You can refer a friend to join the wait-list on this site. Please note this is not a multi-level leadership type of company. So, you do not have anyone above you or below you that you lead. That is not the vision for this company. We're sure it works great for other amazing companies, but it's just not our vision.

For more questions and details on payments and such, please see our Terms & Conditions.