Butterflies and Flowers Wooden Embossing Rolling Pin

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Create and bake beautifully patterned cookies and pies with one easy roll of a Humble Elephant rolling pin. With one easy roll of our butterfly and flower rolling pin, you'll create delicious, professional treats cookies, pies, and other baked goods, that will impress our family, friends, and coworkers.

Butterfly and Flower rolling pins work great on cookies, pies, and fondant. 

Each rolling pin is made to order, please allow 12-16 days for order to ship.

About Humble Elephant

Growing up with a creative, perfectionist family can have an effect on you. You see how tools and objects can be altered to fit your needs. How something as simple as a block of wood or a yard of fabric can turn into something beautiful. You learn how your only limitation is being afraid to try something new and how there is success in failure. I enjoy design; making something for various applications and media. Seeing someone interact or use my design or product is a euphoric experience; it is highly satisfying.