Cognac Amber and Green - Blue Gemstones Big Kid Necklace

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Boost your kids immune system naturally! Amber necklaces are not only for babies! Older kids and adults can benefit of amber's healing properties as well. It helps with chronic sinus issues, asthma, ear aches, headaches, growing pains and focus. This handcrafted necklace is made with raw unpolished baltic amber and a combination of the following gemstones: aquamarine, malachite, aventurine, amazonite, lapis lazuli, turquoise and flourite to help with focus, positivity, self-confidence and concentration.


Welcome to Umai Amber. My name is Yaffa and I'm the founder of Umai Amber. My journey in the Amber world started when my firstborn son, Nadav started teething and Amber necklaces had just started to be 'A thing' in the USA, so I had a really hard time finding an Authentic and high quality necklace for him (yes, I was picky! it was my first baby). The journey then took me to the Baltic Region of Europe were I met with suppliers to find the best Amber and create my own designs to share back with other fellow Mamas back in the USA, and that is how Umai Amber was born. I now specialize in Amber, Gemstone and Hazelwood Jewelry for babies, big kids and adults alike. I believe in Mother Nature's healing power and love creating fun designs for the whole family. My promise to you, is I only sell Handmade Jewelry that is good enough for my kids and myself :)