Cocoon+ Lounger (9-36 Months)

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The Cocoon+ is our premier Cocoon.  Our Cocoons are ideal for supervised rest and play time. Each lounger has a thin pad to cradle the baby and keep them comfortable. Exterior dimensions are 36" x 22"

This model features:

  • A thicker foam pad base
  • Custom fit cover with zippers and carrying handles
  • A buckle at the bottom to expand the length of the Cocoon by 5”
  • A custom-fit liner that is absorbent, leak-proof, removable and washable to protect from diaper or bottle leaks.
  • A custom fit traveling case
  • Various colors of stretch knit covers can be purchased 
    Care Instructions
    Wash with similar colors
    Outer Cover: Machine wash warm and air dry
    Pillow: Hand wash and lay flat to dry
    Inner Sleeve: Machine wash warm and air dry
    Liner: Hand wash, lay flat to dry

    Cover Fabric: TC Cotton
    Bottom Pad: High Density Sponge
    Inner Sleeve: TC Cotton
    Liner: Cotton velvet and 5MM Sponge

    *All filling and materials are sourced from premier suppliers with hygienic and non-toxic properties verified by testing reports
    Safety Information
    • Direct adult supervision is required when using the Papillon Lounger.
    • Never use to carry a child.
    • Never use in a crib, bassinet, or other contained area.
    • Use only on a flat, firm, and stable surface where baby cannot fall.
    • To reduce risk of SIDS, never use pillows or blankets in Papillon Lounger. Pediatricians recommend babies sleep on their back.

    About Papillon Bebe

    Papillon Bebe creates and designs modern baby products to help moms provide the best possible care for their little ones. 

    Two and a half years ago I was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor and told I had only a few short months to live. I was told I had no options and my creativity would be the first thing to go. But, two and a half years ago I was also told through the power of God that I would live to raise my girls and brain cancer would not take my life. I was told it would be obvious I would be healed by the power of God and to have faith and plan for the future.

    To me, Papillon Bebe represents trusting in the highest source and planning for the future. It represents creation and new beginnings. Papillon Bebe, which is French for "butterfly baby", represents the miracle of being reborn through the symbolic transformation of a butterfly. I am so grateful to share what we have created and watch it transform into something beautiful.