Handmade Moroccan Leather Pouf - Tan

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This handcrafted Moroccan pouf is made out of genuine soft leather. Its durable materials and design will ensure the product longevity.  

Moroccan poufs are beautiful leather ottomans that can be used around the house for many different things. These lovely poufs can be used as foot rests, seats, small tables, or just as home décor.


  • 100% Genuine Real Leather Moroccan Pouf in color "Tan"
  • Hand-stitched Silk Embroidery
  • Approx. 20" diameter and 14" height
  • Metal Zipper on bottom for stuffing
  • This pouf does not come stuffed We recommend the traditional Moroccan way of stuffing which is to use old clothes, linens etc. This is not only the most eco-friendly way but it also provides storage and the most sturdy option when using it as a chair or ottoman.
  • Made to order, ships in 12-16 days.
  • This Purchase supports a mama to be able to stay home with her children.


About The Artist

Ever since I can remember I have been in awe by textiles made all around the world. The intricate designs and artistry behind them just always blew my mind. The way that these weavers sit at a hand loom for hours at a time is truly an act of love and a dying art.
Having this innate attraction to textiles I found myself going to college at FIDM and graduating in international sourcing and product development. From there I assumed that I would stay in the fashion industry but looking back interiors had always been my passion.
After becoming a mama I wanted to create something that would allow me to work from home and get my creative juices flowing again after leaving my 9-5 sales job. Using my sourcing background I started researching textiles from other countries like Morocco, Thailand, Turkey and India. Shortly after I knew that I wanted to start a company where we would have textiles incorporated from all around the world.